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MACGRUBER (14) 2010 Film
  • Books
    • Fuck You America!!
      • A manifesto by MacGruber
  • Cafes and Delis
    • Gold Street Cafe
      • Where MacGruber tells partygoers at Cunth's he'll be.
  • Dates
    • April 24, 1963
      • Casey Janine Fitzpatrick born in Pueblo, Colorado.
    • July 4, 1999
      • Casey Janine Fitzpatrick dies in Pueblo, Colorado.
    • May 26, 2001
      • Issue Date on MacGruber's Russian passport.
    • August 24, 2003
      • Issue Date on MacGruber's Japanese passport.
    • September 19, 2010
      • MacGruber has sex with Vicki, then later with Casey's ghost.
    • September 20, 2010
      • MacGruber foils Dieter Von Cunth's plan, and saves the world.
    • May 26, 2011
      • Expiration Date on MacGruber's Russian passport.
    • August 24, 2013
      • Expiration Date on MacGruber's Japanese passport.
  • Health Clubs, Massage and Spa Services
    • F.I.T. Gym
      • Frank's gym
  • Newspapers
    • The Daily Gazette
      • Headline: State of the Union Tonight
  • Repair Services
    • Speedy Triscreen
      • Company name on van MacGruber's in outside Gold Street Cafe. Mobile screen door repair and installation.
  • Weapons-Explosives
    • X5
      • The missile with the nuclear warhead that Cunth steals.

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