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WAR GAMES (17) 1983 Film
  • Books-Reference
    • Computers And Theorem Proofs: Toward An Artificial Intelligence
      • Book at the library by Stephen W. Falken, creator or video game Falken's Maze.
  • Computers and Software
    • WOPR Computer
      • WOPR = "War Operation Plan Response"
  • Dates
    • June 23, 1973
      • Date that Dr. Falken's WOPR user account was removed, which WOPR mentions when David logs in using Dr. Falken's account. David: "I'm fine. How are... you?" WOPR: "Excellent. It's been a long time. Can you explain the removal of your user account on June 23rd, 1973?"
  • Military Bases
    • The Crystal Palace
      • Control room inside the Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, home of NORAD.
  • Pizza Parlors
    • Twenty Grand Palace
      • Combination video game arcade / pizza parlor
  • Technology Companies
    • Protovision
      • "You will have to wait until next Christmas for the best kept secret in the world of computer games... Things will never be the same. A quantum leap in computer games from Protovision."
  • Thoroughfares-Boulevards
    • Rogers Blvd
      • Fictitious address of computer company Protovision: 2407 Rogers Blvd, Sunnyvale, California 95051.
  • Thoroughfares-Roads
    • Tall Cedar Road
      • According to WOPR, address of Robert Hume, a.k.a. Stephen W. Falken in Goose Island, Oregon.
  • TV Stations-Numbers
    • Channel 04
      • TV station with local news program that reports on NORAD's full-scale nuclear alert following David's first game: "A spokesman places blame on a computer malfunction."
  • Video Games
    • Air-To-Ground Actions
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Desert Warfare
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Falken's Maze
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Fighter Combat
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Global Thermonuclear War
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Guerilla Engagement
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Theaterwide Biotoxic And Chemical Warfare
      • Video game made by Protovision.
    • Theaterwide Tactical Warfare
      • Video game made by Protovision.

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