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BOWFINGER (24) 1999 Film
  • Automotive Services
    • Executive Auto Detailing Service
      • Car wash where Bowfinger's camera man works
  • Banks
    • Beverly Savings & Loan
      • Bank across from Rodeo Grille where Bowfinger's crew films Kit from without his knowledge
    • Ohio Federal Bank
      • Daisy's credit card that Bowfinger steals
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Club Jump Blues
      • Club where Bowfinger films Kit outside of Max clothing store
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • MindHead
      • Religious cult like Scientology
  • Clothing Stores
    • Max
      • Clothing store where the crew ambushes Kit for a scene
  • Construction Companies
    • S&Y Construction
      • Company name on Bowfinger's van
  • Entertainment for Hire
    • The Glendale Tent Players
      • theater troupe featuring actor Bobby Bowfinger
  • Film Production Companies
    • Bowfinger International Pictures
      • No description available
  • Languages
    • Jupiterian
      • Language Kit thinks random people on street are talking to him in
    • Venutian
      • Language Kit thinks random people on street are talking to him in
  • Movies
    • Buck, The Wonder Slave
      • Theoretical script Kit proposes with a mentally challenged slave
    • Chubby Rain
      • Bowfinger's movie, starring action star Kit Ramsey (although he doesn't know he's in it)
    • Explicit Endeavor
      • Action movie starring Kit Ramsey
    • Fake Purse Ninjas
      • Bowfinger's martial arts action film the crew makes in Taiwan, starring Bobby Bowfinger and Kit Ramsey's brother.
    • Muffy Time
      • Movie poster in Bowfinger's house
    • Radical Force
      • Action movie starring Kit Ramsey
    • Steel Reflex
      • Action movie starring Kit Ramsey
    • The Yugo Story
      • Movie poster in Bowfinger's house
  • Planets
    • Planet Neon
      • Where the aliens are from in Chubby Rain
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Rodeo Grille
      • Restaurant where Bowfinger films Kit without him knowing
  • Star Systems
    • Star System Neon
      • Where the aliens are from in Chubby Rain
  • Theater Productions
    • Once Upon A Mattress
      • Play featuring Bobby Bowfinger and The Glendale Tent Players
  • Tours
    • Hollywood Celebrity Tours
      • No description available

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