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BOOGIE NIGHTS (11) 1997 Film
  • Electronics Stores
    • Buck's Super Stereo World
      • No description available
  • Electronics-Audio and Video
    • TK-421
      • Fictional audio feature that Buck Swope mentions when selling a stereo, as well as the name of a stormtrooper in Star Wars, which was released the same year in which Buck's scene is set, implying Buck is pulling jargon out of his ass from a movie he saw recently.
  • Film Production Companies
    • Colonel James Productions
      • No description available
    • Jack Horner Films
      • No description available
  • Movie Theaters
    • The Pussycat Theater
      • No description available
  • Movies
    • Spanish Pantalones
      • No description available
  • Quotes
    • Amber Waves
      • Amber Waves: John, you're a wonderful actor. John, you're a wonderful actor.
    • Buck Swope
      • Buck Swope: Still a little uncertain, aren't you? You know what you need? You need a test drive. That's what you need. It's one thing to hear it from Buck's mouth. It's another thing to hear it from the TK-421. So let me just pop in this 8-track and you just give a listen, tell me what you think. You hear that? You hear the bass? Right? You hear it? It kicks. It turns. It curls up your belly. Makes you want to freaky-deaky, right? You got that? If you get this system as is, it won't sound like this without the TK-421 modification, and we do that in the store, very small price. Move with it if you need to. It helps me.
    • Buck Swope & Customer
      • Buck Swope: You're getting twice the bass with the TK-421, which we've got on this system right here.
        Customer: I don't know if I need all that bass. I think you need all that bass.
        Buck Swope: If you want a system to handle what you want, you need the bass. This is hi-fi, OK? High fidelity. You know what that means? That means this is the highest quality fidelity. Hi-fi. Two very important things in a stereo system. I have this very unit in my home. But I got it modified with the TK-421, which kicks it up another three or four quads per channel. But that's technical talk. That doesn't really concern you.
    • Reed Rothchild
      • Reed Rothchild: Have you seen that Star Wars movie?
      • Reed Rothchild: You know, people tell me I kind of look like Han Solo.

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