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A SCANNER DARKLY (14) 2006 Film
  • Automotive Services
    • All Tow Wrecker Service
      • No description available
  • Beverages-Alcohol
    • St. Ubik
      • Brand of alcohol at liquor store
  • Books
    • The Sins Of Freck
      • Charles Freck began to hallucinate. The next thing he knew, a creature from between dimensions was standing beside his bed, looking down at him disapprovingly. You're gonna read me my sins? It's gonna take 100,000 hours? Your sins will be read to you ceaselessly, in shifts, throughout eternity. The list will never end. "The Sins of Freck."Charles Freck wished he could take back the last half-hour of his life.
  • Cafes and Delis
    • Joe's Cafe
      • Listen, you gotta get out of there. I'll meet you over at Joe's Cafe at 3. Calm down, everything's gonna be fine. Put a couple of them in a jar so I can get them examined.I'm sure they're aphids, but you never know. Just in case, okay? Just do it.
  • Competitions
    • V K Mk1
      • Machine used to test Arctor
  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
    • Mi Tienda
      • No description available
  • Drugs-Recreational
    • Substance D
      • D is for dumbness and despair and desertion. The desertion of your friends from you, you from your friends. Everyone from everyone. Isolation and Ioneliness and hating and suspecting each other. D is, finally, death. Slow death. From the head down.
  • Fast Food-Burgers
    • General Burgers
      • Fast food chain in the movie (was McDonald's in the book).
  • Flowers, Plants and Trees
    • Clerondendron Ugandens
      • Small highly toxic flower used to make Substance D.
  • Manufacturing Companies
    • Duke Bilt
      • Robert's power mower brand.
  • Personal Care Products
    • Abrasocaine
      • Fictional version of Solarcaine burn relief gel that Barris claims he can extract a gram of pure cocaine by spraying the aerosol into a balloon and quick-freezing it, causing the cocaine to rise to the surface, because they are lighter than the oils.
  • Police Departments
    • Orange County Sheriff's Department - Precinct 5236
      • No description available
  • Rehabilitation
    • New Path Recovery Center
      • sponsor of the Brown Bear Lodge
  • Social Clubs
    • Brown Bear Lodge
      • The Anaheim 709th chapter is visited by an undercover narcotics officer fighting the Substance D epidemic

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