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JOHN WICK (22) 2014 Film
  • Assassins, Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries
    • Harry
      • Assassin, John Wick's friend.
    • John Wick
      • The man you hire to kill the boogey man.
    • Marcus
      • Assassin, John Wick's friend.
    • Ms. Perkins
      • Assassin that breaks the rules and goes after John at The Continental.
  • Automotive Services
    • Aureilo's
      • Chop shop where the car thieves take John Wick's car.
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • The Red Circle
      • Viggo's nightclub.
  • Energy Companies
    • Levron
      • John Wick version of gasoline brand Chevron.
  • Lodging-Other
    • The Continental
      • Hotel that caters to assassins.
  • Moving, Delivery, Shipping and Storage
    • Kevlin Delivery Services
      • Company that brings John the puppy from his wife after she dies.
  • Quotes
    • Iosef
      • Iosef: It was just a fuckin'...
    • John Wick
      • John Wick: People keep asking if I'm back. And I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back!
    • Marcus
      • Marcus: Let's get on with this, whatever the fuck this is.
    • Ms. Perkins
      • Ms. Perkins: Fuck management.
    • Viggo
      • Viggo: I'll say this, John. They sure as fuck broke the mold with you.
      • Viggo: John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It's over a woman, of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off. The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of what we are now. And then my son, a few days after his wife died, you steal his car and kill his fucking dog.
    • Viggo & Iosef
      • Viggo: It's not what you did, son, that angers me so. It's who you did it to.
        Iosef: Who? That fucking nobody?
        Viggo: That fuckin' nobody is John Wick. He once was an associate of ours. They call him Baba Yaga.
        Iosef: The Boogeyman?
        Viggo: Well, John wasn't exactly the Boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the fucking Boogeyman.
    • Viggo & John Wick
      • Viggo: What happened John? We were professionals. Civilized.
        John Wick: Do I look civilized to you?
      • Viggo: No more guns John. No more bullets.
        John Wick: No more bullets.
      • Viggo: We are cursed, you and I.
        John Wick: On that, we agree.
  • Thoroughfares-Other
    • Cannon Court
      • Ms. Perkins tells John Wick about Viggo's private stash in a church near Cannon Court in Little Russia.
    • Wallace Place
      • Address of safe house in Brooklyn where Viggo is keeping his son.
  • Trash Removal and Recycling Services
    • Specialized Waste Disposal
      • Company John calls to remove the bodies from his house.

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