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WONDER BOYS (34) 2000 Film
  • Books-Children
    • The Loneliest Prawn
      • Title of university student Susan Lowery's children's book, which she found a publisher for during Word Fest.
  • Books-Fiction
    • The Arsonist's Daughter
      • Critically successful novel by college professor Grady Tripp that had put him and his editor on the map.
    • Easy Come, Easy Go
      • Novel by the prolific author Quentin "Q" Morewood.
    • The Love Parade
      • James Leer's novel.
    • Think Number
      • Novel by the prolific author Quentin "Q" Morewood.
  • Books-Nonfiction
    • The Last American Marriage
      • Tentative title of Sara's husband Walter Gaskell's book - a critical exploration of the union of Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, and its function in American mythopoetics.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Carvel, Pennsylvania
      • The mall Pennsylvania town that James makes up, where his parents are supposedly from. A hellhole. Three motels and a mannequin factory.
  • Dates-Annual
    • February 25
      • Date on James Leer's receipt that Grady Tripp finds.
    • February 26
      • Word Fest, the university's annual three-day "gabathon" for writers and wanna-bees, takes place from February 26-28.
    • February 27
      • Word Fest, the university's annual three-day "gabathon" for writers and wanna-bees, takes place from February 26-28.
    • February 28
      • Word Fest, the university's annual three-day "gabathon" for writers and wanna-bees, takes place from February 26-28.
  • Department, Discount and General Stores
    • Kravnik's Discount
      • No description available
  • Fairs, Festivals and Parades
    • Word Fest
      • The university's annual three-day "gabathon" for writers and wanna-bees.
  • Manufacturing Companies
    • Seitz Plastics
      • Fictional mannequin factory that James makes up, supposedly where his parents met in Carvel, Pennsylvania.
  • Menu Items-Drinks
    • Double Dickel On The Rocks
      • Grady's drink that Oola mentions. She never forgets a drink.
  • Publishing Companies
    • Bartizan
      • Publishing company that Terry Crabtree works for.
  • Quotes
    • Grady Tripp
      • Grady Tripp: I'm in love with your wife.
      • Grady Tripp: You are a freak, James. Welcome to the club.
      • Grady Tripp: Goodnight sweet prince.
      • Grady Tripp: I'm a teacher, James, not a Holiday Inn.
      • Grady Tripp: I've got tenure.
      • Grady Tripp: The dog is dead, James. Believe me, I know a dead dog when I see one.
    • Grady Tripp & Terry Crabtree
      • Grady Tripp: He said a few things that lead me to believe that the car was his.
        Terry Crabtree: Such as?
        Grady Tripp: "That's my car, motherfucker."
    • Howard
      • Howard: I hated it. His stories make me want to kill myself.
    • James Leer
      • James Leer: You're fine. You're just as fit as a fucking fiddle.
    • James Leer & Grady Tripp
      • James Leer: That is a big trunk. It holds a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog and a garment bag almost perfectly.
        Grady Tripp: Yep. That's just what they used to say in the ads.
    • Quentin "Q" Morewood
      • Quentin "Q" Morewood: I am a writer.
  • Social Clubs
    • The James Brown Hair Club For Men
      • Joke Grady makes about a gentleman in the bar.
  • Trivia

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