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TRUE ROMANCE (31) 1993 Film
  • Lodging-Inns
    • Safari Inn
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  • Lodging-Other
    • Beverly Ambassador
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  • Movies
    • Bodybags 2
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    • Coming Home in a Body Bag
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  • Quotes
    • Alabama Worley
      • Alabama Worley: I'm one hundred percent monogamous, one hundred percent. If I'm with you, then I'm with you, and I don't want nobody else.
      • Alabama Worley: If you gave me a million years to ponder, I would've never guessed that true romance and Detroit would ever go together.
    • Clarence Worley
      • Clarence Worley: Well, he ain't so much a good guy as he is just a bad mother fucker. I mean, he gets paid by people to fuck guys up.
      • Clarence Worley: Elvis looked good. Hey, I ain't no fag. I mean Elvis was prettier than most women, most women, you know? I always said if I had to fuck a guy, I mean had to, and my life depended on it, I'd fuck Elvis. Well, enough about the King. How about you?
      • Clarence Worley: Ain't she just a four alarm fire?
      • Clarence Worley: Open your eyes! I said open your fucking eyes! You thought it was pretty fucking funny, didn't you? Well, Fuck you! Fuck you, you piece of shit!
      • Clarence Worley: Do I look like a beautiful blonde with big tits and an ass that tastes like French vanilla ice cream?
      • Clarence Worley: It's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.
    • Cody Nicholson
      • Cody Nicholson: You're an actor! Act, motherfucker!
    • Drexl Spivey
      • Drexl Spivey: It 'aint white boy day is it?
      • Drexl Spivey: Now I know I'm pretty, but I ain't as pretty as a couple of titties.
    • Floyd
      • Floyd: Don't condescend me, man. I'll fuckin' kill ya, man.
    • Lee Donowitz
      • Lee Donowitz: Don't give me the finger! I'll fucking have you killed!
    • Vincenzo Coccotti
      • Vincenzo Coccotti: You're part cantaloupe.
      • Vincenzo Coccotti: The Anti-Christ. You get me in a vendetta kind of mood, you tell the angels in heaven you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you.
      • Vincenzo Coccotti: Sicilians are great liars. The best in the world. I'm a Sicilian. And my old man was the world heavyweight champion of Sicilian liars. And from growing up with him I learned the pantomime. Now there are seventeen different things a guy can do when he lies to give himself away. A guy has seventeen pantomimes. A woman's got twenty, but a guy's got seventeen. And if you know them like you know your own face, they beat lie detectors to hell. What we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't want to show me nothing. But you're telling me everything. I know you know where they are. So tell me, before I do some damage you won't walk away from.
      • Vincenzo Coccotti: You see that? That smarts, doesn't it? Getting slammed in the nose. Fucks you all up. You get that pain shootin' through your brain, your eyes fill up with water. That ain't any kind of fun, but what I have to offer you, that's as good as it's gonna get.
    • Virgil
      • Virgil: Now the first time you kill somebody, that's the hardest. I don't give a shit if you're fuckin' Wyatt Earp or Jack the Ripper. Remember that guy in Texas? The guy up in that fuckin' tower that killed all them people? I'll bet you green money that first little black dot he took a bead on, that was the bitch of the bunch. First one is tough, no fuckin' foolin'. The second one. the second one ain't no fuckin' Mardis Gras either, but it's better than the first one 'cause you still feel the same thing, y'know. except it's more diluted, y'know it's. it's better. I threw up on the first one, you believe that? Then the third one. the third one is easy, you level right off. It's no problem. Now. shit. now I do it just to watch their fuckin' expression change.
  • Radio Stations
    • KBLU
      • No description available
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Rae's Restaurant
      • No description available
  • Special Events
    • White Boy Day
      • It ain't White Boy Day is it? Naw, man, it ain't White Boy Day.
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