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  • Dates-Annual
    • December 24
      • Buddy Ackerman's wife raped and killed by bunch of punk kids stealing cars.
  • Film Production Companies
    • Keystone Pictures
      • Film studio. Buddy Ackerman: Senior Executive Vice President of Production.
    • Worldwide Productions
      • Parent company of Keystone Pictures.
  • Movies
    • Rancho del Rio
      • A "fine Buddy Ackerman film" that Guy mentions over drinks with Dawn, movie that came out the summer he got his first car.
    • Real Life
      • Dawn's film pitch to Buddy, what she describes as an important film for the 18-to-25ers, a redeeming film. What Buddy describes as too dark, depressing, and dull. Not what people want to see.
  • Musicians
    • Slam-a-Jam
      • Musician's music video that Buddy watches, then orders someone to research the director, find out who his agent is, and what he's doing next, and then track down the blonde in the video wearing an American flag kind of thing.
  • Quotes
    • Buddy Ackerman
      • Buddy Ackerman: You are nothing! If you were in my toilet I wouldn't bother flushing it. My bathmat means more to me than you!
      • Buddy Ackerman: Your job is unfair to you? Grow up, way it goes. People use you? Life's unfair? Grow up, way it goes. Your girlfriend doesn't love you? Tough shit, way it goes. Your wife gets raped and shot, and they leave their unfinished beers. stinking longnecks just lying there on the. So be it, way it goes.
      • Buddy Ackerman: Loud and nasty, that's the only way it sticks, Dawn.
      • Buddy Ackerman: And when you're done with her, west lobby, tube dress, stiletto heels, hurry. Fetch!
      • Buddy Ackerman: No offense to you, but you are just an assistant. Now, granted, you're my assistant, but still just an assistant. Dawn, on the other hand, is a producer. Her car phone bills are more than your rent. So, just how far do you think you'll get?
      • Buddy Ackerman: Avoid women directors. They ovulate. Do you have any idea what that does to an eight month shoot?
      • Buddy Ackerman: You're happy. I hate that!
      • Buddy Ackerman: Say this one time with me: "Would you like that in a pump or a loafer?'" Good. Now memorize it, because starting tomorrow, the only job that you're going to be able to get is selling shoes!
      • Buddy Ackerman: Before you go out and change the world, you have to ask yourself, "What do you really want?"
      • Buddy Ackerman: And now try to follow me, because I'm gonna be moving in a kind of circular motion, so if you pay attention, there will be a point!
      • Buddy Ackerman: This is the only way that you can hope to survive. Because life. is not a movie. Everyone lies. Good guys lose. And love. does not conquer all.
      • Buddy Ackerman: I can appreciate this. I felt the same way you do. My bosses were all shit. My jobs sucked. I mean, if you're not a rebel by 21, you've got no heart, and if you have gone establishment by 30, you've got not brain.
      • Buddy Ackerman: Do me a fucking favor. Shut up, listen, and learn. Look, I know that this is your first day and you don't really know how things work around here, so I will tell you. You have no brain. No judgement calls are necessary. What you think means nothing. What you feel means nothing. You are here for me. You are here to protect my interests and to serve my needs. So, while it may look like a little thing to you, when I ask for a packet of Sweet'n Low, that's what I want. And it's your responsibility to see that I get what I want.
      • Buddy Ackerman: I told you, it's gotta be loud loud loud! The audience should feel their balls tremble, their ears should bleed!
      • Buddy Ackerman: What I am concerned with is detail. I asked you go get me a packet of Sweet-N-Low. You bring me back Equal. That isn't what I asked for. That isn't what I wanted. That isn't what I needed and that shit isn't going to work around here.
      • Buddy Ackerman: If they can't start a meeting without you, well, that's a meeting worth going to, isn't it? And that's the only kind of meeting you should ever concern yourselves with.
    • Rex
      • Rex: This is not a business, this is show business. Punching below the belt is not only all right, it's rewarded.

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