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RAT RACE (16) 2001 Film
  • Airlines
    • ARIS Helicopters
      • Company where Tracy the helicopter pilot works.
  • Bus Lines
    • Grande Charter
      • Bus that Owen steals on its way to the 3rd annual I Love Lucy Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Charities
    • Feed The Earth
      • Charity sponsoring a Smash Mouth benefit concert.
  • Conventions and Seminars
    • I Love Lucy Convention
      • 3rd annual event in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Healthcare-Other
    • Lifeline Medical Services
      • Zack's ambulance service transporting a transplant heart.
  • Hospitals-Mental Health
    • Rainbow House
      • Mental hospital bus that Vera and her daughter board.
  • Lodging-Other
    • Totem Poll Ranch
      • Landmark on Vera's map.
  • Medicine Products
    • Sleep-EX
      • Sleeping pills Randy uses to dope his family.
  • Movies-Porn
    • Afro-Whores
      • Pornographic movie hotel clerk claims Nick watched 11 times - "Sizzling, three way, backdoor action featuring two sexy soul sisters."
  • Museums
    • Barbie Museum
      • Museum where Randy and his family stop, a museum memorializing infamous SS Klaus Barbie, not the Barbie doll.
  • Office Supply Stores
    • Ink Inc.
      • Fake job that Randy lies to his wife about.
  • Quotes
    • Randy & Jason
      • Randy: Jason, where'd you get that?
        Jason: I found it under the seat.
        Randy: Give it to me, you can't play that.
        Jason: Why not?
        Randy: Because it's Hitler's harmonica. You can't play Hitler's harmonica.
        Jason: You're driving his car.
        Randy: I'm not touching it with my mouth. I'm not sucking on the dashboard. I'm not gettin' his germs.
  • Tours
    • Silver City Tours
      • Double decker tour bus service from climactic chase scene.
  • Vehicle Rental
    • U-Rent-It Rent-A-Car
      • Rental car service.
  • Vehicles (Specific) - Cars and Trucks
    • Lightning II
      • Vehicle that Vera and her daughter steal that scientists were attempting to break land speed record.
    • Wildfire
      • Monster truck that Duane and Blaine steal.

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