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PRIMAL FEAR (21) 1996 Film
  • Automotive Services
    • Mike's Tire Shop
      • Automotive garage next door to Joey Pinero's bar.
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • The Alibi
      • Bar where Martin Vail hangs out.
  • Charities
    • The Rushman Foundation
      • Archbishop Rushman's charity.
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • Savior House
      • Archbishop Rushman's teen hostel where Aaron Stampler was living.
  • Communications Companies
    • Adams Communications
      • Communications company, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
  • Construction Companies
    • South River Development Corporation
      • Development company, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
  • Energy Companies
    • Corwin Oil Company
      • Oil company, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
  • Financial Services
    • Bankers Mortgage Insurance Co.
      • Financial service, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
    • HSM Financial Investment Services
      • Financial service, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
    • Winer Capital Management Group
      • Financial service, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
  • Legal Services
    • Law Offices of Martin Vale and Associates
      • Martin Vail's legal firm that represents alleged murderer Aaron Stampler, a.k.a. The Butcher Boy of Saint Mike's.
  • Magazines
    • City Magazine
      • Local Chicago magazine featuring big shot lawyer Martin Vail on the cover.
  • Moving, Delivery, Shipping and Storage
    • NMC Distributors, Inc.
      • Distribution company, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
  • Neighborhoods
    • South River Housing Development
      • No description available
  • Parties
    • Chicago Bar Association And Catholic Charities Ball
      • Archbishop Rushman's benefit event.
  • Quotes
    • Archbishop Rushman
      • Archbishop Rushman: I haven't seen so many lawyers and politicians gathered together since confession this morning.
    • Joey Pinero & Martin Vale
      • Joey Pinero: See this lot here? This all used to be houses. In fact, there was a house in the corner where I kissed my first girlfriend. Got her pregnant, too.
        Martin Vail: Hell of a kiss, Joey.
    • John Shaughnessy
      • John Shaughnessy: I'm the great negotiator. You think people get that? The truth is I don't care. The dumb bastards don't even vote. They just eat, sleep, watch TV and occasionally fuck their wives.
  • Technology Companies
    • People's Computer Inc.
      • Technology corporation, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.
  • Trivia

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