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    • Dead Again 1991 Film | Source Quotes
      Franklyn Madison: This is fate we're talking about, and if fate works at all, it works because people think that this time, it isn't going to happen!
    • The Batman 2021 Film
      272 days until June 25, 2021
      Writer/director Matt Reeves' take on the Dark Knight, starring Twilight's Robert Pattinson.
    September 2
    • 1847
      • The 4400 2004 TV Series | Source Timeline
        Date of the diary - April 19, 1847 through September 2, 1847 - that Marco finds of 4400 returnee Maia Rutledge after she is abducted and sent backwards in time. The diary details her journey along the Oregon Trail. (Season 3 episode Gone, Part 2)
    • 1965
      • Moonrise Kingdom 2012 Film | Source Timeline
        Suzy Bishop receives a letter from Sam Shakusky at the Billingsley Boys' Home. Three days before the ferocious and well-documented storm that will strike from the east of Black Beacon Sound.
    • 2019
      • Polar 2019 Film | Source Timeline
        Duncan is captured on camera at 2:08:14 am after escaping from Blut's lair, following being tortured for the 4 days leading up to his 50th birthday.
    • 2061
      • Prometheus 2012 Film | Source Timeline
        Weyland Industries earns patent number 16,572,092 for Method and Apparatus for the first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station.
    • Other
      • Atlas Shrugged 1957 Literature
        Several events in Atlas Shrugged take place on September 2: In the opening scene of the novel, Eddie Willers walks through NYC beneath a gigantic calendar hanging from a public tower that announces the date as September 2. Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart decide to take a vacation together on September 2, during which they discover an abandoned motor that should have revolutionized the use of energy in the world. Francisco D'Anconia makes his speech on money on September 2, proclaiming money to be the tool of free trade and the result of noble effort, not the root of evil. Those who call money evil choose to replace its use with the force of the gun. D'Anconia Copper is nationalized on September 2, but the date on the calendar is replaced by "Brother, you asked for it!"
      • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 2005 TV Series
        Mac answers the phone in Johnson's office, where he's been hiding out while Johnson is in Orlando. It's Johnson, checking his voicemail messages. (Season 4 episode Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack)
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    INXS 1977 Music | Source Trivia
    What song was featured in the movie Beverly Hills Cop 3?
     Keep the Peace
     Devil Inside
     What You Need
    First they lost their memory, now they're going to lose their sight... Which of these memory impaired characters would you like to see introduced to the nightmarish new reality of the world of Bird Box?
    Jason Bourne (The Bourne Identity)
    Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
    John Murdoch (Dark City)
    The Wolf Pack (The Hangover)
    Samantha Caine, a.k.a. Charlene Elizabeth Baltimore (The Long Kiss Goodnight)
    Leonard Shelby (Memento)
    Alice (Resident Evil)
    Revan (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic)
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