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  • Ideal Home 2018 Film | Source Quotes
    Forget "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Try "Pinning the Tail on Ganesh," the elephant-headed Hindu deity at your next children's party. I'm going to take you on a tour of the Indian subcontinent, where we're going to discover the secrets of tandoori lobster dogs, saffron cupcakes, and tamarind ice cream. This is your passage to India. I'm Erasmus Brumble, and this is Ideal Home.
  • Tenet 2020 Film
    17 days until August 26, 2020
    Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi thriller will debut internationally starting on August 26th, before opening in select cities in the U.S. over Labor Day weekend on September 3rd.
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INXS 1977 Music | Source Trivia
The Trap: What is the Trap?
 The law
Not satisfied with the way Dexter wrapped up in the series finale? Take a page from another show and pick a new ending.
In the distant future, an immortal Dexter holds a snow globe containing a model of the Miami Metro Police Station. Behind him, flying cars zoom past his office window. (30 Rock)
Dexter is captured by the Alien Task Force and prepped for dissection. (ALF)
It is revealed that Dexter’s reality is fictitious, created by the onboard computer of a spacecraft on the first ever manned mission to the planet Mars in 2035. The policemen he worked with were just virtual reality versions of his fellow spaceship crew members. (Life On Mars)
Still attached to his earthly concerns, Dexter makes contact with all of the criminals that he killed in some sort of purgatory world in a church. With a greater understanding of himself, he is ready to move on to the next phase of existence... or something like that. (Lost)
Dexter wakes up to find he’s not really Dexter Morgan at all, but David Fisher from Six Feet Under; he was just dreaming of another life as a forensics expert / serial killer. (Newhart)
Dexter goes to jail, but not for being a serial killer. While in Latham, Massachusetts, he witnesses a crime but doesn't intervene and gets arrested for violating a good samaritan law. (Seinfeld)
Dexter goes out to lunch with his family, and then... fade to black. (The Sopranos)


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