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  • Tactical Clothing Products
    • Advanced SE Suits
      • Prometheus 2012 Film
        • Used in exploration, reconnaissance and for tactical maneuverability in the field. Nano-reinforced composite helmet allows a 320° rotational field of vision with info display of vital stats, environmental conditions, communications systems and data analysis. Cadmium exoskeleton provides safety and stability over rough terrain. Iridium-coated, laser resistant light armor optional.
    • Colosso-Boots
    • Delta-6 Accelerator Suit
      • G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra 2009 Video Games
        • Mechanical suit that enable you to run faster, jump higher and hit harder than any of your enemies. Head-to-toe hydraulics and highly pressurized pneumatics. An advanced cybernetics heads-up display helmet, which feeds into the suit. You think it, it does it. Twin gas-propelled grappling spears and triple-explosive, heat-seeking, fire-and-forget rockets. And a 10-millimeter caseless Gatling submachine gun, capable of firing 50 rounds per second.
    • Electro-convection Battle Boots
    • Exo-suit
      • Elysium 2013 Film
        • Hook it into your nervous system and it will make you strong as a droid.
    • The Flag-5 Flock Flare
      • The Tick 2016 TV Series
        • The righteous wristwatch signal that calls the team together in times of trial. (Season 2 episode In the Woods)
    • Magnetic Bomb-attractor Vest
      • Muppets Most Wanted 2014 Film
        • One of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew mentions early on that he’d like to demonstrate during the Muppet Show, which comes in handy later in the movie when there’s a bomb in the theater.
    • Mind Control Hair Clips
      • Rick And Morty 2013 Animated Series
        • Weapon Beth apparently asked Rick to create for her when she was a child - one of the many items that Rick pulls out of a box in the garage to prove to Beth just how disturbed of a child she was growing up. (Season 3 episode The ABC's of Beth)
    • Oculars
      • Farscape 1999 TV Series
        • Lightweight image enhancement device worn on the forehead. (Season 1 episode Throne for a Loss)
    • Power Loader
      • Aliens 1986 Film
        • Commercial mechanized exoskeleton used for lifting heavy materials and objects, used by the Colonial Marines.
    • Rainbow Belt
      • Reset 2017 Film
        • Xia Tian's son Doudou's favorite animated TV show Rainbow Ranger has a magical belt.
    • Rainbow Watch
      • Reset 2017 Film
        • Xia Tian's son Doudou's favorite animated TV show Rainbow Ranger has a magical watch.
    • SadTech Mark IV Body Suit
      • Continuum 2012 TV Series
        • Polymeric nano-composite body armor with integrated electromagnetic offensive and defensive systems. CPS standard issue police model. Kiera tells Carlos all about her suit in episode Second Degree.
    • Sanchez Ski Shoes
    • Sat Hat
      • Max Headroom 1987 TV Series
        • Hat Reg wears during the Sky Clearance festival, a big metal dome to protect him from satellite parts that rain down (Season 2 episode Lessons)
    • Skywalker 2000s
      • Eureka 2006 TV Series
        • Prototype flying boots that Chuck the recycling guy wears trying to be a real life superhero (Season 3 episode Phased and Confused)
    • Sound Erasing Sneakers
      • Rick And Morty 2013 Animated Series
        • Shoes Beth apparently asked Rick to create for her when she was a child - one of the many items that Rick pulls out of a box in the garage to prove to Beth just how disturbed of a child she was growing up. (Season 3 episode The ABC's of Beth)
    • Special Suit
      • Roadside Picnic 1971 Literature
        • Suit worn by Stalkers when exploring The Zone: "At first glance it didn't seem like anything special, just an outfit like a diving suit with a bubble-top helmet with a visor. Not really like a diver's, more like a jet pilot's or an astronaut's. It was light, comfortable, without binding any where, and you didn't sweat in it. In a little suit like that you could go through fire, and gas couldn't penetrate it. They say even a bullet can't get through."
    • The Spider-Man Tech Suit
      • Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Film
        • The new Spider-Man suit that Tony Stark designed for Peter during the Avengers Civil War. The suit includes several high tech features, including the A.I. Karen, a heads-up display embedded in the eye lenses, a reconnaissance drone, as well as gliding and parachuting abilities. Additional features include Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode, Enhanced Combat Mode, Enhanced Interrogation Protocol, an Instant Kill feature and 576 possible web shooter combinations, including Taser Webs, Rapid-fire (default for Enhanced Combat Mode), Ricochet Web, Splitter Web and Web Grenades. The suit was also monitored by the Training Wheels Protocol, a program designed to restrict access to the suit's full capabilites, and the Baby Monitor Protocol, which tracks and records everything Peter does.
    • Tavlek Gauntlet
      • Farscape 1999 TV Series
        • Powerful weapon that attaches to the arm with needles, giving its host increased strength, an energy shield and the ability to fire an energy pulse. (Season 1 episode Throne for a Loss)
    • Titanium PX3900 Exoshield
      • Future Man 2017 TV Series
        • Tiger's body armor. "Bullet-proof, laser-proof, claw-proof.” (Season 1 episode A Fuel's Errand)
    • Zik-Zak Neurostim Fantasy Bracelet
      • Max Headroom 1987 TV Series
        • It's new. It's exciting. It puts you in the picture. Get one free with every purchase at your local Zak-Zak outlet. Utilizing direct neural stimulation of the brain to relay message. (Season 2 episode Neurostim)

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