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  • Security Products
    • Bombproof Radiation-sealed Subsurface Shelter, Model S-72ft
      • Foster, You’re Dead 1955 Literature
        • The new 1972 model includes these star-studded features: automatic descent-lift (jam-proof, self-powered, e-z locking), triple-layer hull guaranteed to withstand 5g pressure without buckling, a powered heating and refrigeration system (self-servicing air-purification network), three decontamination stages for food and water, four hygienic stages for pre-burn exposure, complete antibiotic processing, and an e-z payment plan. Cost: $20,000.
    • Carbondale Safe & Lock Co.
    • Cerebral Interrogatory Enclosure
    • Citizen Chip
      • Continuum 2012 TV Series
        • From episode Minute of Silence. Government required ID in the future, embedded in your skin.
    • Electro-Pass
      • The Prisoner 1967 TV Series
        • An electrical device that synchronizes with the alarm system a female resident of The Village gives Number Six in the episode Arrival
    • Little Brother Surveillance System
      • Taken 3 2014 Film
        • System used by gas station where Lenore was abducted by the Russians
    • Peacekeeper Control Collar
      • Farscape 1999 TV Series
        • Technology Peacekeepers use to prevent Leviathans from disobeying orders. (Pilot episode)
    • Ronco Record Vault
      • Futurama 1999 Animated Series
        • Safe specifically designed to hold records. Fry used it to hold his records and Seven Leaf Clover. (episode The Luck of the Fryish)
    • SecureFoam
      • Demolition Man 1993 Film
        • Technology in Spartan's police car in the future - when he crashes into the police station at the end, the entire car fills up with white foam to protect him.
    • Swanson Safe Company
      • The Good Place 2016 TV Series
        • Safe brand from multiple episodes. Jason dies in one trying to rob a restaurant (Season 1 episode 11 What's My Motivation). Tahani keeps her money in one (Season 3 episode Jeremy Bearimy).
    • Traeger Safe Company
      • The Score 2001 Film
        • The safe at the Montreal Customs House that hold the priceless French sceptre.
    • Triton 5000 Sonic Security System
      • Cheers 1982 TV Series
        • Security system in Robin Colcord's apartment that Rebecca triggers. It has an internal laser beam motion detector (Season 8 episode 10 The Art of the Steal)
    • Viper Defense System
      • Eureka 2006 TV Series
        • Anti missile array being tested by Global Dynamics (Season 3 episode Bad to the Drone)
    • Wershler Konig Safe Works
    • The Withstandinator
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Bomb shelter for sale at the Military Antiques store. "It can take a six megaton blast, no more, no less."(Season 9 episode Treehouse of Horror VIII - segment The HΩmega Man)

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