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Category Groups

  • Nonprofit Organizations
    • The Barnacle Project
      • The Office 2005 TV Series
        • A non-profit organization based in Mystic, Connecticut that assists in the scraping of barnacles. (Season 7 episode The Inner Circle)
    • Brothers Against Drunk Driving
    • Coalition For Clean Hair
      • Tapeheads 1988 Film
        • Organization listed on the tenant sign in the foyer of the Martin-Victor building
    • Colcord Foundation Of The Arts
      • Cheers 1982 TV Series
        • Robin Colcord's foundation (Season 8 episode 2 The Improbable Dream, Part 2)
    • Costa Rican Environmental Protection Society
      • Jurassic World 2015 Film
        • The Masrani company, together with InGen, have worked together to ensure the protection of these animals. A historical agreement was signed in 2005 with the Costa Rican Environmental Protection Society to ensure the safety and habitat of the indigenous wildlife of Isla Nublar.
    • The Friends Of Montgomery Burns
    • Gays For The Metric System
      • Cheers 1982 TV Series
        • Gay group that started Vito's Pub on the path to becoming a gay bar (Season 1 episode 16 The Boys in the Bar)
    • The Howard Silverstein Foundation
      • Lucy 2014 Film
        • From Samuel Norman's bio that Lucy finds online.
    • Indiana Organization For Women
      • Parks And Recreation 2009 TV Series
        • a.k.a. I.O.W. Organization that gives out the Dorothy Everton Smythe Empowerment Award. (Season 2 episode Woman of the Year) Organization that threatens to boycott Ben and Leslie if Leslie participates in the primary. (Season 7 episode Pie-Mary)
    • The Knightsman Foundation
    • Legend Fund
      • Watchmen 2019 TV Series
        • Nonprofit organization that supports the Ances-Tree, a feature of the Greenwood Center for Cultural Heritage:  "Made possible by a generous donation fro the Legend Fund." (Season 1 episode If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own)
    • LutherCorp Foundation
      • Smallville 2001 TV Series
        • Lionel and Chloe discuss that fact that the foundation provides the computers to Smallville High School. (Season 3 episode Extinction)
    • Luthor Foundation Scholarship
      • Smallville 2001 TV Series
        • Smallville High School student Ian Randall is awarded a LutherCorp scholarship. (Season 2 episode Dichotic)
    • National Neurobiology Foundation
      • Lucy 2014 Film
        • From Samuel Norman's bio that Lucy finds online.
    • Parker Medical Foundation
      • Lucy 2014 Film
        • From Samuel Norman's bio that Lucy finds online.
    • Pisspeace
      • Role Models 2008 Film
        • Piss version of Greenpeace from extended "Green Piss" scene where Danny and Wheeler ad lib a bunch of piss jokes
    • The Richard And Lois Wallenberg Foundation Foundation
      • Parks And Recreation 2009 TV Series
        • Sponsor of Pawnee Public Radio, dedicated to the idea that all human beings deserve a chance to hear about foundations. (Season 6 episode Anniversaries)
    • The Scranton Animal Welfare Society
    • Second Start
      • Frasier 1993 TV Series
        • Local community program where Frasier was a guest speaker. They offer career training for people who are stuck in tedious, low-paying jobs. (Season 7 episode Something About Dr. Mary)
    • St. Claire Foundation
      • BoJack Horseman 2014 Animated Series
        • The Sebastian St. Clair Foundation for the betterment of peoples in distressed nations needing aid, help, assistance, and... Seen in season 2 episode Hank After Dark
    • The Susan And Sandra Slush Fund
    • The Susan Ross Foundation
      • Seinfeld 1989 TV Series
        • After Susan dies, her parents create a foundation to preserve her memory, asking George to be on the board of directors. (Season 8 episode The Foundation)
    • The Victim Support Program
      • The OA 2016 TV Series
        • Elias Rahim's organization that provides support to victims of crime.(Season 1 episode Away)
    • The Victim's Protective Society
      • The Status Civilization 1960 Literature
        • And then he saw an open door halfway down the block in the direction of his pursuers. He had run right by it. A sign protruding from the building above the doorway said the victim's protective society. That's for me, Barrent thought.
    • Wendel G. And Muriel Fathwright Korbleman Foundation

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