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Category Groups

  • Event Centers
    • AOL-Time-Warner-Pepsico-Viacom-Haliburton-Skynet-Toyota-Trader Joe's Auditorium
    • Butthead Memorial Auditorium
    • The Capital Convention Center
    • Carmen Electra Auditorium
      • The Good Place 2016 TV Series
        • Building on the fictional Jacksonville Community College in Florida where Jason's dance crew Dance Dance Resolution practices (Season 3 episode Everything Is Bonzer!)
    • Civic Sports Memorial Performing Arts Theater Dome
    • The Civic
      • Tapeheads 1988 Film
        • Auditorium where the Menudo concert is supposed to take place, until Ivan send Menudo back to their hotel to get their identification so the Swanky Modes can go on instead.
    • Dayton Civic Center
      • Seinfeld 1989 TV Series
        • Jerry's manager Katie calls Jerry to let him know about a job that came up at the Dayton Civic Center in Ohio, but he's doing Career Day at his old junior high school. (Season 8 episode The Abstinence)
    • Joosh Community Center
      • Future Man 2017 TV Series
        • Josh's parents spend the money he gave them opening a series of community centers in Africa. (Season 1 episode A Date with Destiny)
    • Madison Cube Garden
      • Futurama 1999 Animated Series
        • Episode: Raging Bender. The equivalent of the Madison Square Garden in the future. Home of Ultimate Robot Fighting.
    • Max Planck Auditorium
      • Ghostbusters 2016 Film
        • Erin is preparing for her lecture when she is approached by Ed Mulgrave, asking for help at the Aldridge Mansion. Filmed at Cardinal Cushing Library (Emmanuel College).
    • Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
      • The Lost Boys 1987 Film
        • Site of unknown event, advertised on one of the bulletin boards on the Santa Carla Beach Boardwalk, mostly covered with missing people posters.
    • Springfield Arts Center
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Local community center in Springfield mentioned on TV news report: "A fire in Springfield rages through Symphony Hall, The Springfield Museum of Natural History, The Springfield Arts Center and Barney's Bowlarama." (Season 1 episode Moaning Lisa)
    • Springfield Center For The Performing Arts
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • a.k.a. Springfield Performing Arts Center. Host of World Class Wrestling. (Season 2 episode Bart the Daredevil) Krusty the Clown in Sunrise at Campobello (Season 6 episode A Star is Burns)
    • Springfield Civic Auditorium
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Location of The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular! "Tonight: Gala Spectacular. Tomorrow: Alternate Lifestyle Senior Prom." (Season 7 episode The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular!)
    • Squatters Corners Civic Audeetorium

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