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Category Groups

  • Electronics-Tracking
    • CoMar Trish-Tracker Chip
    • E.P.G.
      • Haven 2010 TV Series
        • Electrical Polarity Guide. Device built by one of the guys from the Dark Seekers TV show in Season 4 episode 11 Shot in the Dark. It's a modified cathode. It monitors inverse charges in the molecular field. Dwight uses it to determine when the rougarou is close. Makes an appearance (referred to as the Rougarou Detector) in Season 5 episode 15 Power.
    • Geodetic Coordinate Transceivers
      • Eureka 2006 TV Series
        • High tech bracelets Jo has Carter put on Zane so that they can see his location within one meter. (Season 2 episode E = MC…?)
    • Life Disc
      • Farscape 1999 TV Series
        • A pair of surgical implants that create a permanent link between the life-forces of two beings. Each individual receives one disc which can emit powerful signals. As long as both remain alive, the Life Discs remain active. The range of the disc's emissions appears limitless and unrestrained by intervening physical obstacles. If one of the bonded entities dies, the Life Disc possessed by the other will go dark, signifying the other's passing. When the Life Disc embedded in Chiana's abdomen suddenly ceased functioning, she thought that her brother had died. (Season 2 episode Taking the Stone)
    • Meta-detector
      • Ready Player One 2011 Literature
        • Device used at IOI checkpoint to scan indents to make sure they weren't hiding any electronic devices on or in their persons.
    • Mustache Detector
      • The Tick 1994 Animated Series
        • Tool used by the members of Project: Shave to track "the mustache" (Season 3 episode 1 That Mustache Feeling)
    • PKE Meter
      • Ghostbusters 2016 Film
        • Ghostbuster device designed to track ghosts and other supernatural entities.

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