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  • Concerts
    • 4th Annual San Dimas Battle of the Bands
      • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey 1991 Film
        • The evil robot Bill & Ted plan to totally kill Bill and Ted, take over their lives and utterly destroy them. And then, at the Battle of the Bands, they will give Bill & Ted's speech, except totally different - and thus a new future will be born.
    • The Ashley O Spotlite Tour
    • Badger Jam '88
      • NewsRadio 1995 TV Series
        • Concert featuring the final appearance of Dave's old all-male a cappella quartet, Chock Full O' Notes. (Season 4 episode Chock)
    • The Children's Concert Series Presents Freddy Spaghetti
    • Deandra Wells Feel The Love Tour
      • Saturday Night Live 1975 TV Series
        • Deandra Wells' band: Mr. Alan "Sticks” McRae on drums. Resident smart-aleck Donny Gordon on bass. The incomparable Gordon Davis on piano. (Host Britney Spears 05/13/00)
    • Doo-wop-alooza
      • Frasier 1993 TV Series
        • Martin scores tickets to a music festival featuring all the greats of doo-wop: The Coasters, The Platters, and that guy from The Teenagers is back from his hip replacement. (Season 11 episode I'm Listening)
    • Drive Shaft Drive Across America Tour
      • Lost 2004 TV Series
        • Poster on the wall in Charlie's brother Liam's wall. (Season 2 episode Fire + Water)
    • Gay Women Against Rape Benefit Concert
      • Watchmen 1986 Comic Books
        • Chapter 5: 'Fearful Symmetry'. Panel 8: Another triangle image (compare with Pyramid Deliveries) and the militant feminist symbol. The poster read, 'Pink Triangle LIVE at the Gay Women Against Rape Benefit Concert.'
    • Harlem Summer Unity Jam
      • Luke Cage 2016 TV Series
        • Concert at Harlem's Paradise, one night only. Sponsored by the Family First Initiative and Bushmaster Rum. (Season 2 episode Can't Front on Me)
    • The Kings Of Mouth Noise
      • Key & Peele 2012 TV Series
        • Concert featuring Bobby McFerrin and Michael Winslow. (Season 1 episode Bobby McFerrin vs. Michael Winslow)
    • Mahler-palooza
      • Frasier 1993 TV Series
        • Joke Frasier makes when Martin asks him to get him tickets to the Doo-wop-alooza music festival. Frasier: "Well, I'm afraid I'm not very well-connected in the doo-wop world, Dad. Uh, if there's ever a Mahler-palooza, I'm your man." (Season 11 episode I'm Listening)
    • Mongolian Music Festival
      • Frasier 1993 TV Series
        • Daphne surprises Niles with tickets to "Four solid hours of throat singing." (Season 9 episode The Return of Martin Crane)
    • Monsters of Vaguely Folkish Alterna-Rock
      • Futurama 1999 Animated Series
        • Episode: Bendin' in the Wind. The concert during which Bender gets so into the music he forgets he's supposed to be broken and gets boo'd by the audience.
    • Nanny G Happy Birthday Freddie Concert
    • Nanny G: 1992 Tickle Tummy Tour
      • Cheers 1982 TV Series
        • Sam takes the Crane family to a Nanny Gee concert (Season 10 episode 16 One Hugs, the Other Doesn't)
    • Nanny G: Itsy Bitsy World Concert
      • Cheers 1982 TV Series
        • Nanny G concert Woody attended (Season 10 episode 16 One Hugs, the Other Doesn't)
    • Nochella
      • Dead Ant 2017 Film
        • Music festival kind of like Coachella but not really, according to Danny, it's way more hip that Coachella. Coachella's like the Sundance Film Festival. Nobody goes to that anymore.
    • The Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert
      • Parks And Recreation 2009 TV Series
        • A massive music and arts festival to celebrate the merger of Pawnee and Egleton, featuring artists and musicians from both towns to come together. (Season 6)
    • The Plague: Fatality Tour
    • The Rolling Stones 1969 Farewell Tour
      • Summer School 1987 Film
        • Mr. Shoop wears a Rolling Stones tongue Lips logo T-shirt, saying it's from the 1969 Farewell Tour, but there was no 1969 Farewell Tour, and the tongue lips logo wasn't designed until 1970.
    • The Rolling Stones Steel Wheelchair Tour 2010
    • Simone Isolation Tour
      • Simone 2002 Film
        • Simone's musical tour, presented by Viktor Taransky Promotions
    • Spring Sing '95
      • The Office 2005 TV Series
        • Andy got the nickname Boner Champ by getting completely ripped on Bud Drys and having sex with a snowman at Spring Sing '95. (Season 9 episode Here Comes Treble)
    • The Todds' Love Heals All Tour
      • Wings 1990 TV Series
        • The name of country music mother and daughter duo The Todds' tour (Season 8 episode Wingless)
    • Waynestock
      • Wayne's World 2 1993 Film
        • The concert Wayne and Garth decide to put on after Jim Morrison and a weird naked Indian visit Wayne in his dreams.
    • Whole Paycheckella
      • Workaholics 2011 TV Series
        • Adam's joke about Coachella being too expensive and should be called Whole Paycheckella instead. (Season 7 episode Faux Chella)
    • The Zoey Lyonne Arts Scholarship Benefit Concert

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