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  • Bowling Alleys
    • Barney's Bowlarama
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Local bowling alley in Springfield mentioned on TV news report: "A fire in Springfield rages through Symphony Hall, The Springfield Museum of Natural History, The Springfield Arts Center and Barney's Bowlarama." (Season 1 episode Moaning Lisa) Homer goes bowling. (Season 3 episode Colonel Homer) Homer starts a bowling team, and joins a bowling league. (Season 7 episode Team Homer)
    • Barney's New Bowlarama
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Marge meets Jacques when she goes bowling out of spite with the bowling ball Homer gave her for her birthday that was actually for himself. (Season 1 episode Life on the Fast Lane)
    • Bowlarama
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Bowling alley where Barney works for his Uncle Al. When Barney gets Homer a job as a pin monkey, Al fired Barney. (Season 6 episode And Maggie Makes Three) Hurricane Barbara carries the Bowlarama away, eventually leaving it teetering precariously on the cliff above the Carter-Dixon Tunnel on the outskirts of Springfield. (Season 8 episode Hurricane Neddy)
    • The Castle Rock Youth League
      • Skeleton Crew 1985 Literature
        • Huge renovated farm in Castle Rock with 12 lanes of candlepin bowling, a few ancient pinball machines, a juke featuring the greatest hits of 1957, three Brunswick pool tables, and a Coke-and-chips counter where you also rent bowling shoes that look like they might have just come off the feet of dead winos. (story Nona)
    • Idle Hour Lanes
      • The Office 2005 TV Series
        • Bowling alley where Ryan is working when Michael recruits him for his dream team. (Season 5 episode Dream Team)
    • Middletown Lanes (OASIS)
      • Ready Player One 2011 Literature
        • Bowling alley hidden in Tyrell buildings (Blade Runner) all over the OASIS, based on a real bowling alley from Halliday's hometown
    • Milton Mellow Lanes
    • Recckio's Lanes
      • Buffalo 66 1998 Film
        • Billy takes Layla to Recckio's Lanes, where he has a locker and a ball with his name on it.
    • Ricky's Rock And Roll Bowling
      • Parks And Recreation 2009 TV Series
        • Bowling alley Leslie mentions: "It's not been easy, you know? How do you fit all of Pawnee in a 48-hour visit? I had to drop the Rock and Roll bowling alley from our itinerary." (Season 2 episode Sister City) Local bowling alley where Leslie organizes an outing to get to know her constituents, one in particular. (Season 4 episode Bowling for Votes)
    • Starlight Lanes
      • Dexter 2006 TV Series
        • Bowling alley on Michigan Avenue where Dexter goes bowling with the guys from Miami Metro. (Season 2 episode Morning)
    • Starlite Bowling
    • Takamoto Bowl
      • Scoob! 2020 Animated Film
        • Bowling alley where Shaggy and Scooby are attacked by Dick Dastardly's robots, a reference to Iwao Takamoto, the designer at Hanna-Barbera who developed the visual appearance of the Mystery Inc. gang.

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