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  • Antique Stores
    • Antiques
    • Arthur Castle Antiques And Curios
      • The Twilight Zone 1959 TV Series
        • Failing curio shop, whose owners receive a bottle from an elderly woman, out of which comes a genie offering four wishes. (Episode The Man in the Bottle)
    • Emporium Galorium
      • Castle Rock 2018 TV Series
        • Antique store, one of Pop's local businesses: Scrap ' Surplus ' Sundries. "Trash to Treasure!" (Season 2 episode Let the River Run)
    • Giffen's Attic
      • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 Film
        • Antique store named after artist Keith Griffen, who worked with Bill Mantlo on Rocket Raccoon - from a scene in St. Charles, Missouri, the town where Ego romances Peter Quill's mother, that ended up on the cutting room floor (Director James Gunn had originally planned to hide several Easter eggs in the form of stores named after a Marvel Comics artist or writer important to Guardians lore, or after something in the Marvel Universe itself).
    • Herman's Military Antiques
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • First store where Abe Simpson goes to look for a birthday gift for his new girlfriend. (Season 2 episode Old Money) Homer and his vigilante group go looking for weapons. Do not ride the bomb. (Season 5 episode Homer the Vigilante) Herman kidnaps Chief Wiggum and Snake Pulp Fiction style. (Season 7 episode 22 Short Films About Springfield) Featuring the bomb shelter known as The Withstandinator. (Season 9 episode Treehouse of Horror VIII - segment The HΩmega Man)
    • Mueller's Antiques
      • Frasier 1993 TV Series
        • Antique store Frasier's neighbor Cam mentions (Season 9 episode The Love You Fake)
    • Revelations Antiques
    • Second Chance Antiques
    • Springfield Antiques
      • The Simpsons 1989 Animated Series
        • Store in Springfield where Homer fights with Bart's Bigger Brothers Agency father figure. (Season 4 episode Brother from the Same Planet)
    • Wag Lee's Antiques
      • Mega Time Squad 2018 Film
        • Antique store where John steals the Chinese money, and the bracelet/temporal dislocator.

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